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Our team of experienced criminal defence lawyers have successfully defended hundreds of criminal charges in Regina, Saskatchewan and throughout Canada. We regularly handle impaired driving, drug possession and trafficking, sexual assaults and other serious allegations and often appear in courts in Moose Jaw, Estevan, Carlyle, Weyburn, Moosomin, Yorkton, Saskatoon, and surrounding areas.

A criminal conviction could have a serious negative impact on your future, may affect your livelihood, or even worse – be the difference between your personal freedom and a jail sentence.

If you are facing a criminal, drug or other serious charges, you need to hire a an experienced criminal defence lawyer to represent you.  You are presumed INNOCENT, until proven GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. We will closely review your case and use our years of combined legal experience to achieve the best outcome possible.  What are you waiting for?  Call us today.

Controlled Drugs and Substance Act Cases

Were you charged with a Possession, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, or Drug Trafficking in Saskatchewan? Our office handles cocaine, marihuana, and all drug offences.  You need to talk to an experienced drug charge lawyer.

Impaired, 0.08, Refusal, and other Driving Offences
Impaired, 0.08 BAC, Refusal and other Driving Offences

An impaired driving conviction could mean more than losing your driver’s license, you could end up in jail for a 2nd or 3rd conviction.  We have successfully defended impaired driving and DUI charges – give yourself the best defence possible.

Sexual Assault
Criminal Code Offences

If you are charged with mischief, theft, fraud, assault, sexual assault or another serious criminal charge, it is very important that you hire an experienced  criminal defence lawyer to represent you.  With years of trial and appeal level experience, we are confident we can represent your best interests.

Our Law Firm


Regina Criminal Defence is made up of 2 experienced lawyers working at one of Canada’s leading national law firms, Merchant Law Group LLP (made up of over 50 lawyers in 10 offices across Canada.  Hire an experienced  lawyer to represent your best interests.


With years of legal experience in handling all aspects of Criminal Code and Controlled Drugs and Substance Act offences, our lawyers will handle your criminal charges from start to finish and will try our best to get you the best outcome possible.  We understand the serious impact a criminal conviction or record could have on you.


If you are facing a serious criminal charge, you want someone who is experienced; willing to listen to your side of the facts; and prepared to put forward a strong defence on your behalf. Contact us today.


We are experienced in handling DUI, drug trafficking, impaired driving, and other serious criminal charges.

Don’t talk to the Police.  Call us Regina Criminal Defence at 306-502-5987 for a free 10 minute consultation or to set up an appointment —  24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


If you need to consult a criminal defence lawyer – please contact us.


We handle bail hearings, bail review applications, disclosure review, and court appearances.


We will work close with you to prepare for your preliminary hearing, trial, or appeal.


We rely on years of combined legal experience to achieve the best outcome possible.

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With many years of legal experience defending criminal charges, our office has had great success and will strive to defend you against any criminal allegations.

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“Criminal charges are serious.  I take my job seriously.  Whether it is a DUI, drug charge, or assault, it can impact your life, and could land you in jail.    I will treat your case with the utmost importance.

If the Police want to talk to you, or if you have already been charged, it’s never too early or too late to talk to a lawyer.  Call me day or night for a free 10 minute consultation, and I will properly advise you.  Together, we can overcome this.”

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