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/Recent Successes

Recent successes of Linh Pham – Criminal, Drugs, Impaired, DUI Lawyer

(past successes not indicative of any particular outcome in your case – each case is decided on it own circumstances before a judge or jury.  Names, locations and other details have been modified to maintain confidentiality.  If you need a lawyer, please call Linh Pham (associated with Merchant Law Group LLP) at 306-502-5987)


Serious altercation in a bar (Estevan, Saskatchewan), R. v.  W. S., April 2015

W.S. was accused of an alleged serious assault causing bodily harm on a known individual after a violent brawl at a bar in Estevan.  There was video footage, photographic evidence, and witness statements.  With W.S.’s criminal record, he was looking at a jail sentence. The assault causing bodily harm charges were stayed, W.S.  avoided jail and continues to be a contributing member of our community.


Alleged Sexual Assault in a quiet town (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan), R. v.  S. R., February 2016

S.R. was drinking at the bar when a woman of the night approached him.  She propositioned him.  The accused was later charged with sexual assault, and facing a 3 to 5 year sentence if he was convicted.  S.R.’s lawyer found significant inconsistencies with the alleged victim’s statements, as well as exculpatory medical evidence.  S. R. was committed at a preliminary hearing.  The charges were stayed before trial.  S.R. avoided a long penitentiary sentence with the help of his lawyer.


DUI and Drugs after a sports game (Regina, Saskatchewan), R. v.  T. D., July 2014

T.D. was leaving a sports event in Regina when he was pulled over.  Police located cannabis marihuana, open alcohol, and smelled beverage alcohol on the Accused’s breath.  T. D.  was charged with possession of a controlled substance, under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, as well as driving a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs.  T.D. was young, needed his vehicle for work, and in order to travel as he lived in a rural community.  The charges were ultimately stayed because his lawyer demonstrated that the drugs were not T.D.’s, and because there was no indicia of impairment by drugs or alcohol.


Alleged Drug Trafficker, no Criminal Record (Carlyle, Saskatchewan), R. v.  J. V., October 2015

J.V. was caught with a sizeable quantity of drugs (cannabis marihuana) for the purpose of trafficking.  J.V. was looking at a potential criminal record.  J.V.’s lawyer demonstrated that there was no indicia of trafficking, and a guilty plea was entered to simple possession.  J.V.’s lawyer then successfully argued to a judge, submitting that a conditional discharge (no criminal record) is appropriate in the circumstances.  J. V. had no criminal record for the drug trafficking incident.


Acts out of Self-Defence, and Charged (Weyburn, Saskatchewan), R. v.  C. F., December 2015

C.F. was in Weyburn working, assisting in the construction of a new grocery store.  C. F. met some new “friends” at the bar, and was invited to their home for a drink.  The new “friends” demanded money, made racist comments, and began assaulting C.F., who acted in self-defence by punching the Complainant in the face.  The Complainant was seriously injured, and C.F. was charged with assault causing bodily harm.  The matter was set down for trial.  Charges were stayed, and C.F. continued to have a clean criminal record.